65% of shoppers use reviews “always” or “most of the time” before making a decision to buy –2008 study by the E-Tailing Group, Inc

Real customer reviews are a powerful way to earn new business. Some studies have show that online reviews can increase product sales by as much as 26%!

Looking at a Yellow Page ad or a search result link in Google doesn’t tell potential new customers about the quality of your services. Having your company reviewed at PrinterListings will allow new customers to hear testimonials from past customers to bring a new level of word of mouth referrals to your business.

PrinterListings wants to help customers find the perfect t-shirt printer for their needs. To help accomplish this, we allow customers to upload photos of past print jobs and share their experiences with others by way of ratings and reviews.

People are already talking about your business. They talk to friends, associates, they post in blogs, forums. Their voice is amplified by social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. We want to help you make sure they are sharing how great your business is and help you work with customers who need help.

Allow PrinterListings to be your independent source for testimonials about your great t-shirt printing services.

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