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Wordans.com Canada
5605 de Gaspe
suite 504
montreal, Quebec h2t 2a4
1 877 286 2440

Make custom t-shirts online. Expert t-shirt printing for single & bulk orders. Find personalized gifts or sell your shirt designs online. Create your tshirt today.
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Contact Person: Leslie Nunes
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Terrible customer service.

They printed some caps for me but they were mistakenly sent by sea (instead of by air) to Australia. They're now set to arrive 2 months after the event for which they were printed.

They did nothing to track the caps. I rang them every day for a week without any action from them. Eventually I had to ring Canada Post to find out where they where.

They admitted they should not have been sent by sea but refused to refund me. Not a way to treat a customer who was poorly served. Find someone else to do your printing.

I ordered from them , and in less than 4 business day I received my tees. The printing quality was even better than I imagined. I was really happy with the results.

Wordans is a custom t shirt printing company located in Montreal, Quebec. They provide you with various styles of shirts and designs to choose from. Depending on what kind of custom t-shirt you would like you can personalize the design with photos, logos, letters and your own made up design. Wordans offers high quality printing services at an affordable price. Making your own personalized t-shirt is a fun experience starting from choosing the type of shirt to creating the design then finally wearing your very own custom t-shirt. And the best thing: the whole process is really simple!

Step 1. Shop
At Wordans you can choose from a variety of shirts and brands. After choosing the brand of shirt you would like you then need to decide what type of shirt you would like whether that being a t-shirt, sweater, long sleeve shirt, tank top or something else. After you have chosen your type and brand of shirt the next step will be creating the custom designed shirt.

Step 2. Create
You can either upload your own design on their website or you can choose from the variety of graphics Wordans has in store. After uploading the design you can personalize it to your own colours and text. There are close to no limits when it comes to creating your personally designed shirt using images, text and colours. Using Wordans custom t-shirt design tool, you can design your t-shirt in 5 minutes.

Step 3. Print
After you have created your custom designed t-shirt all you need to do is print it. Wordans can print t-shirts in 5 minutes. It is known in the city of Montreal for its quality printing at affordable prices. There are no minimums or maximums in the number of orders you make. Wordans is trying everything to make your designing experience a fun one, from picking the shirt and brand to creating the design. If you interested to know more about t-shirt printing at Wordans, we are happy to welcome you at Wordans in Montreal, Quebec at 5605 avenue de Gaspé, Suite 504.

After an intensive search for a company that would print customized shirts for my team I finally settled on Wordans, because their website looked quite professional and they promised fast shipping and offered good prices compared to other custom shirt websites like Spreadshirt, Zazzle and Cafepress. On their website they offer a great variety of different shirts, sizes and prints. Although I am not that proficient in design, the Wordans custom t-shirt design tool was easy to use and after I finished creating our team jersey online, I was eager to see how it would turn out in real life. All in all I ordered around 20 shirts in different sizes, but all of them in the same colour and with the same print. Shipping was free (it is free to all addresses in Canada and US for orders over $85) and the website said it would take 5-10 days for delivery. I got the shirts after 4 business days, and all of them came out the right size and with flawless printing. All in all I am pretty happy to have chosen Wordans.

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