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Bluegrass Heights Ct.
Baltimore, Maryland 21237

We are able to offer print on demand services and can print on dark colors such as black and can even print on polyester blends, besides cotton.

With NO MINIMUMS, and instant turnaround, we are able to provide you with unique products fast.

Contact Person: Bubba
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First, the quality, way back in 2005 when I got my shirt, was very poor. The tee shirt faded in 4 months.

Csutomer service is horrible. The new owner (or maybe same owner, who knows) does NOT answer phones or emails. I was actually going to give them another chance BUT I found a great printer on here.

Teeburn will BURN your designs via cheap stuff and a noncaring attitude.

I design and leave the printing up to the printers. Stay away from TEEBURN!

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