Spreading Ink
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Spreading Ink
3031 E Cherry St.
Springfield, Missouri 65802
417 - 771 - 3855

Spreading Ink offers all over printing, simulated process, specialty inks and processes including foiling, neck label prints, water base and discharge ink and high volume capabilities with low volume minimums.

Contact Person: Dave
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I spoke with Dave over the phone and he seemed like a cool guy. We worked together via email over the course of a week or two optimizing the artwork so that it would print well on his printers, then when it came time to do the deal, he added $1 per shirt to his quote, which is a lot for one color on economy stock.

I told him that his rates were no longer competitive with what other people were offering, and that if he couldn't abide by his original quote then I'd have to look elsewhere.

Up to this point everything was completely professional and cordial, but that's when he started harassing me and leaving long voicemails, eventually calling me an idiot and a sucker and telling me that with my lower priced shirts I would be as happy as "a pig in s***".

Well I got the shirts printed for significantly less than his original quote and the quality is perfect. Thanks for insulting me Dave, you're a real charming guy.

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