Revolution Printing
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Revolution Printing
3355-B FM 1960 West
Houston, Texas 77068

Revolution Printing is a cutting edge screen printing company that focuses on taking care of our customers by offering high quality custom t-shirts at competitive prices. We can print your logo/design on t-shirts, bags, totes, caps, koozies & more!

Contact Person: Shonna Colbert
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Wow. After reading that other persons review I just could not let it go unchallenged. I find it hard to believe they were at the same shop. Revolution is a great company with a professional staff. You won't find nicer people to do business with. Especially Mike. He is an incredibly hard working man with a serious commitment to customer satisfaction. I'm wondering if they've hired printers before. Certain safeguards must be put in place to make sure everyone is on the same page as far as production goes. It's sad that it was taken in a negative way. I cannot recommend Revolution highly enough. GREAT SHOP GREAT PEOPLE

Their work looked good and they claimed to have great customer service...I was shocked at just how lacking their customer service is. The owner or who ever he is (mike) is rude, impatient and would not answer one simple question. Instead he said, let s not be concerned about that right now ...well it was a simple question and I was concerned and needed a simple yes or no...I asked the question several times and he just kept avoiding answering it (yet he had a big booklet on their policies and procedures and expected me to agree to something without having my 1 important question answered). He could not, rather would not simply respond...they complicate what is usually a very simple and friendly process. He threw his hands up, refusing to respond and said unkind things as he walked out of the room. It was like, how dare I ask a question...the guy was a control freak who just wanted to cram his policies without even one question. They think they are the best screen printers and so advanced that they can treat people how ever they want. I see from the other review that it was not just me...this place stinks with attitude! I have been in business for over 10 years and have never had someone be so unkind and unprofessional. Save yourself the time, aggravation, money and attitudes...there are plenty of more reputable and professional and most importantly,nicer screen printers and promotional companies out there. No one should ever be treated like I was...especially a customer who is trying to bring them business and has an honest question about their complicated policies. The shame of it is, that the guy I dealt with on the phone was a sweetheart...for him I gave a star.

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