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1631 S 10th Street
San Jose, California 95112

We have been producing garments for customers in the major clothing industry, while still keeping our roots in the local community with our retail division. We service customers need, and are willing to take on any project incIuding custom sewn.

Contact Person: Jason

I placed a small order of 250 stickers with Matteo Studios. I was informed that the machine was temporarily down and did NOT place the order at that time. I was told to call back the next day to place the order, which I did, and at which time was asked for my order details.

I was NOT informed that the machine was still down when I placed the order. Also I was NOT informed that the job would be outsourced until a month had passed, and only then was I informed that the subcontractor has not done the order yet.

I have at LEAST 3 emails over a two month period stating that the order had gone out - but I never received a tracking number after requesting it multiple times, and I STILL have no package. It's not hard to email a tracking number to a customer. It's pretty damn obvious that this order was never made or sent out.

Excuses abound with Matteo Studios. If it's not lost in shipping, it's the printer. If it's not the printer, it's a lie about what was told to me about the initial order (I never agreed to have them outsourced). If it's not that, it's the outsourcer. If not the outsourcer, it's a shipping error (3 times!).

I never got my order, just excuse after excuse as to why the order never got to me - we're going on 4 months now since the initial order was placed.

Stay FAR AWAY from Matteo Studios.

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