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Band Prints LLC


Custom Shirt offers the best in fashion forward screen printing. Included services:
All-Over (covers entire garment)
Jumbo (25" x 36")
Standard (12.5" x 18")

Discharge & Waterbase

Quality screen printing results with great service!

Contact Person: Garrett Cope
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I had ordered a shirt that was extremely well priced, the service was friendly and then came time to order my shirt. I sent my money via Paypal. Waited a few weeks. No shirt. Waited a few more weeks. Still no shirt. Waited a month longer and still no shirt! I finally requested that another shirt be sent, preferably with UPS (tracking number included) and that I would pay the extra for that. I was informed that another shirt had been sent via USPS. That didn't sit well for me, so after another month of waiting and still no shirt I asked for my money back. I ended up with a full refund and no shirt. Not sure if they have gotten any better with this and either a) actually printing a shirt and sending it or b) choosing a better shipping method. I'm writing this almost a year later and no shirt has arrived at my doorstep and I've had a new postman for moths. Not the PO's fault, as far as I can reason. Order with a grain of salt- though they were good on giving me my money back when I requested a refund.

Excellent screen printer. Experienced with all over and over size print as well as discharge and special effects. Takes a lot of pride on his work which is a big plus for me.

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