Artisan Imprinters
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Artisan Imprinters

Troy, New York 12180

24" DTG direct to garment printing NOW available. also, full service screen printing, embroidery, heat press. fast turnaround, UPS ship blind, contract work WELCOME.

Contact Person: tmw

you have made hundreds of enemies, congratulations. Also, know that form now on you will be closely watched and because of the choices you've made if you ever wish to expand your printing and require an outside source, that source will be alerted of your past thefts, one simple click of a button has made your chances of expanding your business next to impossible.

Stop stealing other peoples' art. Not cool.

Hey douche bag, hows the art theft going? Stolen from any good hard working artists lately? Making good money you don't deserve? Does your mother know her son is an asshole? Are that much of a heartless, cold sun of a bitch that you would take the beautiful work of someone else and claim it as your own? Do you think you're above the law or something? Do you realize there are probably more than a hundred people now, friends of the people you stole art from, who are aching to break your kneecaps? Did you honestly think you could get away with it? Do you think it's fair that you sit on your ass getting fat, making money off of other people's work?

I hate people like you. People who come along and take art that doesn't belong to you. That's almost like stealing a part of someone's soul. Are you proud of yourself for stealing a part of someone's soul? Do you honestly think that's okay? Because it's not. The world already has enough problems without assholes like you making trouble. You want money? Then use that degree you claim you have to get make an honest living. That's how the rest of us do it. And don't forget karma. It's one hell of a bitch.

Next time you feel like stealing a part of someone's soul, do us all a favor and break your own kneecaps, punch yourself in the face, break you hands.

You know, it isn't a sin to ASK for permission to use someone's art on a t-shirt, so long as you're planning on giving them compensation. They're the ones who did all the hard work.

And like I said, USE that degree you claim you have! And if you were lying about it, go get one! If the rest of the world has to work for their keep, so do you!

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